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RRT Provides Food Boxes for Vulnerable Families Amid Covid-19 Outbreak

RRT is working with local community groups in Liverpool, Devon, Leeds, Perth, Kings Lynn, Kent and North Wales to ensure that the most vulnerable will have access to essential food items throughout the Covid-19 crisis. So far, 5,000 food boxes have been packed and distributed. We hope to provide many more and to expand the service across the UK.

The boxes are being packaged by volunteers in Coventry, who are following strict social distance measures as per the Government’s advice, including packing 2 metres apart, wearing face masks and gloves, sanitising on entry and exit, and frequent hand washing.

The RRT’s food boxes are designed to bring relief to families or individuals in need, providing long life and easily served foods that can sustain a family for up to one week. These boxes will be offered to families identified as being more vulnerable by local schools and will include key staple items such as tinned fruit and vegetables, tea bags, coffee, UHT Milk, cereal and spaghetti.

Food security during these unprecedented times will be essential for families and particularly for vulnerable individuals, who may be unwell, self-isolating or will otherwise struggle to keep themselves safe and fed at this difficult time.

Rod Buckley, Director at the Rapid Relief Team UK said:

“At RRT, we are passionate about expressing our values of care and compassion while we serve those communities and individuals in times of need. In response to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, we are delighted to be able to offer our food boxes to families that need them the most.

“Our volunteers are committed to supporting the most vulnerable members of our society during this uncertain and difficult time and will continue to work closely with local schools, community groups and charities to make this possible.”

Julie Barton, Headteacher at Bradley Barton Primary School in Devon, said:

“We are so grateful to the Rapid Relief Team for all their support in preparing and delivering these emergency food boxes. We will be working closely with our family support worker to ensure that they reach the families that need them most.

“This is a very difficult time for schools across the UK as we are under considerable pressure to organise food for children of key workers needing childcare, and for pupils in receipt of free school meals for whom school is currently closed. While we finalise our longer-term plans, the food boxes are so welcome.”

Kerri Duncan, Early Help Practitioner at North Early Help Hub said:

“Since being provided with the Rapid Relief Food Parcels we have been able to assist many families in crisis. Providing families with the provisions to feed their children for 1-2 days gives us the time we need to secure a longer-term solution to the problems they are facing.

“The families who have received the food parcels have been really grateful and relieved. For people experiencing times of crisis something as simple as being able to enjoy a bar of chocolate can make a real difference. Thank you for continuing to provide us with these parcels, they are truly been a lifeline to some of the families we work with.”

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  1. Really impressed not only with the provision of necessities but the empathy expressed in the bar of chocolate.

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