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Hygiene Pack donation to Bognor Housing Trust

Homeless Supplies Donation

On the morning of the 26th February, a couple of members from the Bognor RRT Team visited the Bognor Housing Trust with a donation of 50 hygiene packs. These were received very gratefully by the members of staff and the homeless people who they are currently supporting. It is lovely to see how much something like this could help them to gain confidence and move on so that they can have their independence back.

Laura from the Bognor Housing Trust highlighted this by what she said ‘Thank you so much for coming yesterday – it was lovely to meet you all. We are extremely grateful for the hygiene packs you have provided. We will give one to all our current clients and then give them to new residents that move in. When people come to us they will often have literally nothing so these toiletries will really help them out. To be able to wash, clean your teeth, have a shave helps people to feel human once again’

So a big thank you to the Bognor Housing Trust for everything that they are doing to help support those that are in need and we look forward to being able to help out again in the future!

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