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RRT donate to the Lincoln Food Bank

On 17th October 2019, the Lincoln RRT team met with members of the Lincoln Food Bank to donate a total of 40 RRT food boxes, the first donation of its kind by Lincoln RRT. The packing of these boxes was completed carefully in line with recommendations from the Trussell Trust, each box containing all of the essential items on their list plus some additional items. They all contained enough food to feed one person for approximately three days.

Foodstuffs provided included pasta, tinned food, cereals and biscuits and they will be distributed across the area through a network of centres used by the food bank including churches and schools.

Hunger and Homelessness in Lincoln

Hunger and homelessness is unfortunately a significant problem in Lincoln and this is likely to increase as we approach the colder winter months. An estimated 1 in 3 children in the area are living below the poverty line and a growing number of adults are having to choose between “heating or eating” because of a tight financial squeeze.

In 2018, the Lincoln Food Bank supported a total of 3467 people, mostly covering the South of Lincoln which includes areas classified in the top 1% most depraved in the UK.  Amy Colley, Food Bank Co-ordinator for Lincoln, told us how the food bank is reliant on donations from individuals, schools, churches and supermarkets to help keep the operation running and was very grateful for the donation of the RRT. The Lincoln Food Bank reports directly to the Trussell Trust which helps to provide accurate data and information on the use of food banks at a national level.

We are looking forward to working with the Lincoln Food Bank again soon. RRT UK are very grateful for the service that food banks provide, not only in Lincoln but also right across the UK. Finally, a massive thanks to all the RRT volunteers who helped this event happen.


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