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Nottingham – Canaan Trust Sleep Out – Homelessness

Friday 6th/Saturday 7th April 2018 was the annual Canaan Trust Sleep Out event in Long Eaton. This was the third year that we had supported the Canaan Trust in their Sleep Out event, providing a BBQ cooked breakfast.

At 5:15am on Saturday 7th April 14 RRT volunteers arrived on site with the RRT BBQ trailer and the RRT Box trailer. The BBQ trailer had been lit at 4:15am in order to ensure it was hot and ready to cook on as soon as we arrived. By 5:45am we had bacon and sausages sizzling on the BBQ whilst rolls were being cut and buttered.

At 6:15am a queue of over 50, cold, tired and hungry individuals were waiting for their hot drinks and hot food.

Kevin Curtis, Project Manager at the Canaan Trust commented on how “heart warming it was to hear the RRT volunteers arrive.” He also mentioned that during the course of the night there was over 80 people taking part in the Sleep Out, with the youngest being five years old.

The Mayor for Erewash, Councillor Mary Hopkinson and Maggie Throup, MP for Erewash were taking part in the Sleep Out event. Mrs Throup was extremely pleased to see that RRT were providing the breakfast again. She told us how much she “appreciated the work that you guys do, not just in Nottingham, but throughout the world.”

The Mayor for Erewash, Councillor Mary Hopkinson

MP for Erewash, Maggie Throup

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